Financial Aid/Scholarships/21st Century Scholars

Financial Aid/Scholarships/21st Century Scholars/Collegiate Athletics
Financial Aid- Need based
§ Financial Aid must be filed online after October 1. There are no longer paper forms available.
§ Financial Aid papers MUST be received in the state office by March 10th or you will not be eligible for state aid.
§ Springs Valley High School will host a Financial Aid workshop in October of each school year.
§ Helpful Financial Aid websites
o   To register for a FSA ID, which you have to have to electronically sign your FAFSA, click on FSA ID at the top of the FAFSA website.
Scholarships- Merit based
§ Local Scholarship packets will be handed out in mid February.
§ National and State scholarship opportunities will be posted on the guidance office bulletin board and on this website as they become available.
§ Helpful Scholarship websites:
21st Century Scholars
§ 21st Century Scholars is a need based scholarship for Indiana Students.
§ You must apply in the 7th or 8th grades and meet financial guidelines.
§ Students must sign a pledge to become a 21st Centry Scholar.
§ Students must attend an approved Indiana college.
§ For more information visit the 21st Century Scholars website at
Collegiate Athletics
§ Students considering playing in the NAIA should register with the NAIA eligibility center.
§ Students considering playing Division I or II collegiate athletics must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.