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NEW Drop Off and Pickup Procedures!

Online Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will open Monday, July 15 for all students currently enrolled at Springs Valley.  Click here to view the quick reference guide for online registration.
In-person registration for new or currently enrolled students will be:

  • July 22 - July 26 from 8am till 3pm
  • July 24 - late registration till 6pm

7-16-2024 Notice to Families:
We are pleased to inform parents and guardians that both Springs Valley Jr-Sr High School and Springs Valley Elementary School will be implementing the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for meals served on the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program for the 2024-2025 school year.  Click here for details.

6-12-2024  Click here to view Notice of Public Hearing of the 1028-Lease Amendment-Additional Appropriation

6-12-2024  Click here to view Notice of Public Hearing on Additional Appropriation of 2024 General Obligation Bond Proceeds and Interest Earnings

  • Transportation
  • Bus Safety Rules

Bus Safety Rules

The Following bus conduct and safety rules are designed to promote safety on the school at all times.  The safety of students is our top priority.  There, each student is expected to cooperate fully with the following rules and safety guidelines.

Riding a bus is a privilege.  Whenever a student violates any of the following rules, he/she may have bus- riding privileges suspended for a period of time as deemed appropriate for the offense.  Whenever a student seriously interferes with the safety of other students or seriously interferes with the driver being able to drive, bus- riding privileges could be permanently suspended for a given school year.

The school bus drivers shall keep order and maintain discipline on the bus.  To assist the drivers in this responsibility, drivers have the authority to assign seats to students and deny students bus- riding privileges for one day.  When more serious problems exist, bus drivers will refer students to the appropriate building principal or transportation director.

Bus drivers are expected to come to a complete stop at each student’s pickup point.  However, if after coming to a complete stop, the student(s) are nowhere in sight, the driver is not obligated to wait any prescribed length of time.

Following are rules of conduct which students are expected to follow regarding bus service:
  1. When student enter or leave a school bus to cross the road, they shall cross in front of the bus as directed by the driver.
  2. Students are to seat themselves immediately when boarding the bus, and they are to stay seated during the trip
  3. Students are not to occupy the space forward of the yellow line located on the floor behind the driver’s seat.
  4. Students are to speak in low tones and use no profane or vulgar language.
  5. Students are not to push, shove scuffle, hit, or be involved in horseplay.
  6. Throwing objects inside or outside of the bus is forbidden.
  7. Bus drivers will grant permission to open and close windows and emergency doors.
  8. Students are to keep head, hair, hands, feet, and all belongings inside the bus.
  9. The use or possession of tobacco products, matches, cigarette lighters is forbidden.
  10. Possession or use of fireworks or other explosive devices is prohibited.
  11. Possession of a knife, gun, or other weapon is prohibited.
  12. The use or possession of any illegal or controlled substance is prohibited.
  13. Buses will stop at authorized stops only.  Elementary students wanting off at a different stop must have written permission.
  14. Students are to treat seats, equipment and others’ property with respect.  Students who intentionally damage others’ property will be expected to pay for the same.
  15. Drivers may request that students not drink, eat, or chew gum on the bus.
  16. Students are expected to comply with requests of bus drivers regarding these rules and in emergency situations.
  17. Students are expected to show bus drivers the same respect as given to any other school personnel.
    • Administrative Office

      Springs Valley Community Schools
      498 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
      French Lick, IN 47432

      Dr. Trevor Apple, Superintendent
      Phone: 812-936-9984
      Fax: 812-936-9392

      Jr./Sr. High School

      Springs Valley Jr.-Sr. HS
      326 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
      French Lick, IN 47432

      Dr. Kyle Neukam, Principal
      Phone: 812-936-9984
      Fax: 812-936-9266
    • Elementary

      Springs Valley Elementary
      356 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
      French Lick, IN 47432

      Dr. Matthew Williams, Principal
      Phone: 812-936-9984
      Fax: 812-936-9788

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